Thursday, May 29, 2008

Falling Crows

Today I witnessed something that felt like it was out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. About noon I was mopping the kitchen floor when I heard a racket outside. I slid open the sliding glass door to hear a racket of crows - about 100 of them up in our trees. I immediately thought that they were having a grand time mating; as the prior Saturday evening, my son-in-law Jeff educated me that the crows were indeed mating in the trees. What a surprise when I began to hear loud thuds, as 4 birds fell to their backs on the ground. At first I thought "What kind of mating is this?" Then a large brown bird flew out of the trees with crows flying after it, trying to attack it. The brown bird was either a hawk or an eagle. I ran to get my camera, set it on video, and of course failed to turn it on.

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