Thursday, November 22, 2007

This year we ordered a cajun #15 turducken off of the internet. It was supposed to be a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck, stuffed into a partially deboned turkey. It looked great, cooked up great, and sliced great.... but, we were all a bit disappointed. 1. It was too spicy, and 2. the duck and chicken were ground together, so you couldn't actually get a slice of duck meat. Oh well, we tried. Next year we'll go back to our beloved deep fried turkey. We were 9 total:
Pascal & Christine (their last Thanksgiving in the USA), our dear neighbor Henri, Jenny & Jeff, Jocelyn (Pepperdine alum of Jenny's who now lives and works in Seattle) & her boyfriend Joey, Joe, and I.

Joceyln & Joey

Pascal, Christine, and their new 5 month old yorkie, Charly.

After dinner karaoke

and the day after Thanksgiving we put up our 1st ever artificial Christmas tree...

It's a good one, as Bob is under the tree just like every other year.

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