Thursday, November 22, 2007

This year we ordered a cajun #15 turducken off of the internet. It was supposed to be a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck, stuffed into a partially deboned turkey. It looked great, cooked up great, and sliced great.... but, we were all a bit disappointed. 1. It was too spicy, and 2. the duck and chicken were ground together, so you couldn't actually get a slice of duck meat. Oh well, we tried. Next year we'll go back to our beloved deep fried turkey. We were 9 total:
Pascal & Christine (their last Thanksgiving in the USA), our dear neighbor Henri, Jenny & Jeff, Jocelyn (Pepperdine alum of Jenny's who now lives and works in Seattle) & her boyfriend Joey, Joe, and I.

Joceyln & Joey

Pascal, Christine, and their new 5 month old yorkie, Charly.

After dinner karaoke

and the day after Thanksgiving we put up our 1st ever artificial Christmas tree...

It's a good one, as Bob is under the tree just like every other year.

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La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Pat! Nice to see you're back blogging! It's a nice way to keep in touch! OH...I LOVE your Thanksgiving party...Ely and I tried to make one (our first one, because we have never celebrated it before!!!!) but at the end we didn't have time to prepare the stuffed turkey, so we ended up cooking pumpking gnocchi with butter (Jenny gave us the idea!!!Thanks Jenny!!!)...and we made a dinner with a couple of friends. It was nice though.

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