Friday, September 10, 2010

10 on 10 September

morning walk with Louie

mid-morning wild blackberry snack

a good day for reading...

pantry donation sorting

harvesting cucumbers from our garden

a little one on one "Skype" time with Christine in France

chocolates from Switzerland
dinner @ Billy Baroo's @ Foster's Golf Course in Tukwila - me & owner Yelina

Jean Claude, our friend visiting from England

lamb dinner - Yummy

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Play time chez Mémé et Pépé - our sweet little Elmo character and what a character he is!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sampling Uncle Leonard's Bounty

Wesley and I paid an impromptu visit to Uncle Leonard's yesterday, so that Wes' mom (my Jenny) could clean their house. Wes really enjoyed picking his very own raspberries and plopping them into his mouth (even the green ones), and the handoffs of raspberries from his Great Great Uncle Leonard were much appreciated.
He absolutely loved Uncle's homemade dill pickles and couldn't seem to get enough of them, even though they made his facial expressions quite amusing. He also ate an entire plum right from the tree. Uncle treated me to a delicious turkey sandwich with avocado and tomatoes. We even had a bowl of ice cream.
Leonard picked a bouquet of dahlias from his prize garden so that Wes could bring them home to his Mom. As you can see, at first Wes thought that he was supposed to eat the flower since he'd been eating everything else right from the garden.
We had a lovely visit. Thank you Uncle Leonard. We love you!

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