Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've been inspired to post a 10 on 10; I love seeing everyone else's - you all are so creative and getting more creative each month - with themes and everything (Mario & Ely's Clean & Dirty) Very cool. Here's a day in my life, 4/10/08:
Bob, our 17 year old cat. Jenny brought him home as a "free" kitty during a Tahuya Days 4th of July event.
Louie, our 5 year old, gift to Joe for Father's Day. He goes to work with us and most everywhere we go.
Joe & Chris hard at work.Shannon on lunch break; started working with us on 4/7.

Chris' dog Bugsy, Billy's dog Rocco, and Louie (missing) get daily noon walks.I'm hard at work; notice the Pen-Ent company shirt!

This is sad. Our best friends are moving to Kuwait in June. We went to their pre weekend Garage Sale.

Our french friends, Christine & Pascal, with their dog Charly in their garage.

Christine & Pascal's 16 year old Sultanna. They got her in Kuwait.

Our friend Jean Claude, owner of La Belle Pastry on Main Street in Bellevue, dropped by the garage sale with lots of pastries and bread. I was lucky to snap a photo of these Napoleons before they were devoured.

Hope you enjoyed my day!


Jenny said...

good work mom! I think I'm getting homesick!

Rebekah said...

love it Pat! Looks like you kind of did a dog theme :)...that dessert in the last photo looks incredible! I am glad that you joined in this month!

Brianne said...

Pat- I wok with a lady named Kathy Raich she lived in France for 8 years and is good friends with Jean Claude, she brings is wonderful pastries into work.
Maybe you know her?

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