Sunday, June 08, 2008

Whistler, B.C.

Joe & I spent 3 nights at the Clock Tower in Whistler B.C. It rained on the trip up and back, but on Friday and Saturday we drove 30 miles north to Pemberton and enjoyed 2 days of really nice golfing. Here are some pictures of where we stayed and the golf course. We also saw 2 black bears on our way out of Whistler, one crossed the highway in front of us and the other was grazing on a hill on the side of the road; sadly, no photos of either one.

Whistler Village

Clock Tower living room

Windows and shutters on ceiling - nice to see the rain coming down...

The coffee cup says Cowboy Coffee..


Jenny said...

glad you guys had fun and thanks for gifting us that weekend...sorry it didn't work out for us!

Prince said...

Great trip...I'm glad you have a good time!

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