Thursday, February 26, 2009

A day in the life of Louie in Tahuya :
1st he chases squirrels up trees: After the long hike uphill, he swims in the lake at the end of our hike:
shakes himself off:
gets a hug from me:
stops to look at the snow on the mountains:
enjoys the sunset:
Isn't a day in the life of a dog great?


Elena said...

Louie is so cute. Tyler may just take him home some day. He wants a dog so bad. I may consider a small one, but it has to be one I won't be allergic to. I suggested a poodle, like nubby, Tyler said no.:)

Pat said...

Nicole was great! Once you have a dog though you have to make arrangements if you're gone for too long during the day or overnight - that's the only downside.

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