Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wine Tasting...

We hadn’t participated in an in house wine tasting dinner since our dear friends, Pascal & Christine, hosted an event in spring of 2007. Wow, time flies; now they’re living in Kuwait.

Last evening we all brought a bottle of cabernet sauvignon to go with the excellent meal that Cathy & Keith had prepared . The bottles were disguised in numbered brown paper bags and revealed at the end of the meal.

A little fact on our wine choice, Cabernet Sauvignon:
It is the most widely planted and significant among the five dominant varieties in the Medoc district of France's Bordeaux region, as well as the most successful red wine produced in California. Long thought to be an ancient variety, recent genetic studies at U.C. Davis have determined that Cabernet Sauvignon is actually the hybrid offspring of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

our hosts:

closet converted to wine cellar:
We used patriotic wine glasses!:
and the food speaks for itself:


Jenny said...

was it also hawaiin shirt themed? ;)

Pat said...

no, but I was thinking the same thing...

& my word verification is shirit (like shirt - kind of)

Elena said...

That's funny Jenny. You guys look like your all in Hawaii!!!

Where was this at? The food looks great.

Anonymous said...

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Enjoy it !
Love to Mémé & Pépé

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