Saturday, September 26, 2009

What? Tiger alert in Renton, WA?

Nope, it's just grandson Wesley.... We have the honor of babysitting him all weekend! He's such a happy fellow - he charmed all of the wait staff at Fin N Bone last night and ate like a trooper.
He makes one heck of a cute tiger, don't you agree?


Jocy May said...

oh my gosh Pat, those are GREAT shots! happy babysitting :)

Prince said...

yes, I agree...that is one cute tiger! Can't wait to see you guys. Thanks for watching Wes for Jenny, I know she really appreciates it and I know you love to do it :)

Lady P said...

ohhhh for a moment i was so scared
scared i had missed an excellent blogging moment! thanks for having my little ole blog on your blog lineup - and that is one cute tiger - make sure you head over to the Olde Fashioned Halloween Party on Oct. 31 from 1-4pm in the Main Street square just off S Third Street downtown - the kids have a ball!! and it is all free and family friendly!

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