Monday, May 10, 2010

10 on 10 May 2010:
(Today's weather wasn't so great, so I'm posting these for the 1st part of May)
1st weekend of May was spent in Eastern Washington- here's a view of The Gorge from Cave B:
beautiful wisteria @ Terra Blanca:
view from Terra Blanca:
Dunham Cellars, with "Orson" from Desperate Housewives:

Leonetti Cellars courtyard:

Leonetti Cellars:

robin in tree @ Leonetti:
Hot tub time:


Jenny said...

looks like a beautiful trip, great weather, good friends...oh and that last photo's not too bad either ;)

Prince said...

what a fun trip, Pat!!! and Jenny looks incredible in that tub...wowza!

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