Monday, August 25, 2008

August with Friends & Family:

August Mornings:

August Sunsets & Moonsets:

08/16 Fun

Paccar Reunion at Gene & Dixie's 08/23/08:


Jenny said...

good job posting Mom..I'm proud of you!

Jenny said...

and now there's music? wow, you're getting really good at this blogging thing!

Pat said...

Wow, you noticed it really fast. I love Aleah's blog and was determined to figure out how to add music - thanks for noticing so quickly!
I love a challenge - did you notice my profile addition too?

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Pat!

We are back home and almost retruned to normal routine.

It was an intense 24 days holiday...but we wished it could be longer and could stay more time both in Washington and Southern California.

Thank you for the time spent together.

Thank you Joe to have spent your precious time at work explaining interesting things. Your creativity inspired me. :)

We wait for you here in Italy, whenever it will be. You are always more than welcome.

Mario and Ely

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