Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Paella Party

Linda, Louie, & Kreslyn

Cindy & Richard


Larry & Debbie - Mojito Prep

Joe & Pat Paella Prep


Paella Stuffed Squid


Paella Party

Whitney entertains

Tequilla Shots

Cute Expectant Couple - Jeff & Jenny


Prince said...

Looks like some great Paella! And your Hood Canal place looks just as I remember it. (Kidding...I know the Paella Party was held elsewhere, but it through me for a loop when I first saw the pictures...I thought, when did they remodel?)

Pat, it was so wonderful to spend some time with you when I was in Seattle. Thanks for always treating me like a daughter. I love you and your family! And thanks for the ride to the airport.

Jenny said...

Well you just captured everything...didn't you?

Boy, am I really starting to pop! I gained a pound that weekend ;)

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