Monday, September 15, 2008


After spending time with family on such a fun momentous occasion yesterday, it got me thinking about my mom and grandmother and Betty Crocker. I spent some time with my Uncle and Grandma the summer prior to junior high; and as I recall we made blueberry muffins together. At home we had a large blueberry bush and it was my job to pick them; I made lots of blueberry muffins. I took them into work today; and they were quickly devoured. I can hardly wait to create loving memories with my forthcoming grandson.

Here's the recipe.


La Dolce Vita said...

Oooooh...Blueberry muffins! They look delicious!

Good job, Pat!

You'll be a great loving NONNA!

Jenny said...

what? you plan on turning our son into a baker???

i remember these blueberry muffins too. I made them at a 4-H competition and got a blue ribbon.

they are good! and I just got some blueberries from Uncle Leonard, perhaps you should post the recipe.

great kitchen towel, by the way ;)

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