Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Verrine Saumon Tomate AvocatTonight I tried a new appetizer recipe. My french friend Christine said anything starting with the word Verrine is all the rage in France. Verrine is the shape of the glass, and I think it also means layered things as in layered appetizer, layered parfaits, etc. I searched google.fr for Verrine and translated the following recipe:

Here's the recipe for 6:
2 very ripe avocados
Olive oil
vinagrette dressing (dijon mustard, vinegar, oil, garlic, salt & pepper)
creme fraiche (or sour cream)
250 g of ricotta
4 tomatoes
4 thin slices of lox (smoked salmon); or you can buy little piece remnants at QFC
salt & pepper

Bottom layer:
Mix ripe avocados with a bit of olive oil, salt, & pepper. Mash with a fork.

Middle layer:
Mix 250 g of ricotta with 2 TBS of creme fraiche (or sour cream), salt & pepper.

Top layer:
Blanch 4 tomatoes for 30 seconds in boiling water for easier peeling. Peel, cut in quarters, and remove seeds. Cut into little cubes. Mince 1 large garlic clove or 2 shallots. Make a small quantity of vinagrette dressing and mix all. (When placing this layer I used a fork so that the juice wouldn't run down into the other layers)

The 3 layers can be refrigerated separately; layer just prior to serving. Add lox on top and a slice of lemon on each glass.

We liked it. My avocado layer was a bit large, as I used one avocado for 2 servings.

In searching Salmon Verrine on regular google I found this.

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