Monday, November 10, 2008

A Grateful November 10 on 10

8am morning walk - I always think of my terrific relatives named Nichols who live in Hawaii
This is still in a yard that we passed by on our morning walk.

Even though it's 10 on 10, the house needed cleaning - steam mopping, the only way to mop - this one is from Costco, of course!

Received an afternoon call to book a flight to Paris for my husband for THIS Friday. Done!

An abundance of houses for sale in the neighborhood, Here's a lovely house for sale.

Jenny (& Wes) drop by to return some borrowed items.

I love Nordstrom sales, especially SHOES!

and an eggnog latte before heading home...


Brian said...

great 10 on 10...I still have a couple more to go before I'm finished. It's so cool that our name made your 10 on 10!

lindsey said...

nice boots. i think i might wanna try that egg nog latte also!

Elena said...

Love the first picture! Love the shoes, hope you bought them!

Pat said...

Those are the 2 pair I did buy - boots and shoes.

Prince said...

I love you Pat! great post..and I so was the last one with all those great illusionist photos. way to be creative! It makes me want to start saving for a camera so I can really get in on this 10 on 10 action.

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