Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jenny's in Labor! yet makes it to Gough Family Shower !!!

That's right, Jenny starting having contractions last night and went to the hospital last night for about 5 hours. They gave her 2 shots to slow down the contractions. At the shower she was still having contractions about every 7 minutes. I hope Wesley stays inside his mother for a few more days or weeks, but he may arrive earlier than expected to bless our lives.

Jenny's sister-in-laws comforting her:
Lovely Advent calendar made by Rebekah; plus Trophy Cupcakes. We all wrote inspiring words of wisdom (hopefully) for each day:Paula Gough (standing right) She really did a lovely job with the shower, as did Auntie Sass & Aunt Rhoda:Soon to be parents. We love you!

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Jenny said...

WOW, i really missed this one. so fun you posted on Wes' birthday!

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