Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Catching up on postingTyler & Mike going for a spin between Hood Canal houses & post office on Thanksgiving Day.
A nice game of Quiddler after dinner. More Thanksgiving posts can be seen by Elena, Pam, and Rebekah.
Joe found this carved stump on the beach.
I'm saving the best for last.... Wesley got to leave the hospital on the evening of Sunday, November 30th. Jeff & Jenny were in the process of having a new furnace and tankless hot water tank installed so they went home to Steve & Paula's for a few days. What a treat for all of us. Joe & I have been camped out over at Jeff's parents nearly nightly and during the day. It's so nice that they live so close to us. They have a lovely bedroom on the ground floor with changing table, Moses bed for Wes, and Jenny has a lovely "Command Station" complete with glider chair, lights, etc. in the laundry room for pumping. I got to feed Wesley a bottle and change a diaper on Monday - many more to come I'm sure. Thanks Steve & Paula. Pictured above are Paula and Jenny.
The best Christmas gift ever! Wesley James Gough!


Jenny said...

waterless hot water tank, wow! How does that work? ;)

It was great to be at steve and paula's- what a setup! But the 3 of us just got home and that feels pretty great too. We'll miss having you all so close!

Pat said...

oops - tankless water heater...

I'm going to miss running over to Steve & Paula's in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. See you on Saturday at Katie's shower?

La Dolce Vita said...

Oooohhh..Wes is soooo lovely!!!

Elena said...

Cute picture of Tyler, he's dying to have his own vehicle.
How cute and little is Wes! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't wait to hold him!
Happy that your all home now Jenny. Let the fun begin......

Katy said...

PAT!!! How are you? Mom told me you were blogging but I totally lost the email she sent me with the link!

Jenny is all grown up? How did that happen? She was like four the last time I saw her! And she's beautiful of course, just like her Mom!

Baby Wes is sooooo cute! The twins were preemies and I know how hard that is on the whole family, so glad that he is home safe and sound!

I will pass on your Birthday greeting to Nannie!

Keep in touch!

Jenny said...

i just re-read this post and thought, "wow, I must have missed this one" (I didn't remember it at all) but then I saw I, those days were a blur.

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