Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Thursday I got to solo babysit Wes. He was so good and smiled at me whenever I told him stories.
Our Louie and neighbor's Cassie had fun playing in the snow this am.:
Louie with snow on his nose:


Elena said...

Very cute picture of Wes. Can't wait to hold him.
The dogs look like they enjoy playing in the snow together.

Jenny said...

i thought you said you didn't get a picture of him when you were here?

thanks for watching did great and it was a big help- now my computer is fixed!!!

Pat said...

I didn't get a picture of Wesley & I together - proving that I solo babysat. Of course I snapped a picture of Wes, but failed to do that yesterday when he was in that cute blue & black outfit.

Our Growing Family said...

Wes is adorable! I'm glad to see/hear that he is doing super great :)
Umm..I think Jake now weighs around 11 pounds. We'll find out tomorrow at his radiologist appt

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