Thursday, July 16, 2009

The kids are off for a night out on the town while we babysit their precious 8 month old Wes: Mommy & Daddy got Wes his very own luggage for some upcoming August vacations:

He wanted to explore the bag really well:

Just pack me; forget the rest of the stuff; Oh, maybe I should bring a book along...

Wes taught Pépé how to use the X-Box conroller:
and I swear this photo wasn't staged.... but who is imitating who?:


La Dolce Vita said...

We love Wes' new bag! :)

Prince said...

I'm running out of ways to describe how much I love pictures of little Wesleyman! He is the joy of my day. And, Pat, great job on capturing such a precious moment of grandpa and grandson being so alike. Loved it!

Jenny said...

thanks for letting us have a date night!

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