Saturday, July 25, 2009

Play Date at Our House!

Yesterday was a lovely day for Jeff, Jenny & Wes, Paula & Steve, Kristen, Evan & Miles to join us for a play date. The boys are cousins. Next time we'll have to include the other 2 boy cousins too. We really enjoyed the day. Jenny, Wes, Paula, Miles, & Kristen:

Ninja Wes: Wes & Miles:
Kristen, Evan, Jenny, & Jeff playing badminton:
Miles napping outdoors: Paula: Evan: Wes with his 1st popsicle:
Our neighbor Henri, Wes, Chris' dog Bugsy, and Louie: We had Crab Louis salads for lunch (dungeness crab is on sale at QFC for $4.99/lb.) and apple tarts for dessert.


Kristen said...

thank you so much, pat! we had a wonderful time, and i felt so pampered... to relax in your home and to be served such an amazing lunch! thank you! when can we come again?? :)

Jenny said...

it really was a perfect day! you truly out did yourself...we may be coming back over sooner, rather than later to take advantage of your cool basement!

Prince said...

I am drowning in my tears because I missed such a fun occasion. ;`(

Pat, you are such a great hostess!!!

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