Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 on 10 March 2010 - in Ballard:

^a sneak peak of a landscaping transformation chez Wesley^

his Mom made him a little Wrestling Buddy - his name is Norbert -

ice cream is so good when you have new teeth coming in...


Jocy May said...

he's getting so big!! still the same cute boy :) thanks for the sneak peak on the backyard makeover- i just asked jenny for pictures on facebook- should have checked out your blog first!

Jenny said...

seriously, i feel like this could have been MY blog post...geesh.

Anonymous said...

hello Jenny, vous deviez parler francais avec Jeff hehe.
Votre petit bonhomme est vraiment adorable et je suis ton blog tres souvent.
Juste une petite chose Norbert a un probleme hehe, il lui manque les jambes mdr lolllllllllll
le povreeeeeeeeeeeee.
bisous a vous 3

Elena said...

Very cute Pat. :)

Prince said...

can't get enough of that boy! and the yard looks will be so fun to play there. norbert is quite a tough and so french!

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