Friday, March 05, 2010

I met Wes & Jenny at Bellevue Square on Tuesday late afternoon. Bellevue Square has this new play area on the top floor and you can tell that the kids and parents love it. Afterwards we had dinner at Red Robin and Wes had his 1st kids meal - a grilled cheese sandwich and he really enjoyed sharing our shared milkshake. He even said "milkshake". He takes after his dad's side of the family - he loves cookies and milkshakes!

Wes really enjoyed the small boat later in the week with his good friend Will, check THIS out.


Brianne said...

That Wessy boy, he is pretty great!

Prince said...

So I totally started crying as I watched this. Wes is walking so well and growing up so fast...I realized that I'm missing too much and that I could watch 10 more hours of footage and not get bored. I think of Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona when she sobs, "I LOVE HIM SO MUUUUuuuch!" I really love this boy and his amazing family. Thanks for posting this Pat...and for linking to the Wrestlemania turned my tears in to laughter...which reminds me of one of my other favorite film quotes from Dolly Parton, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." :)'''
Love you Pat!

Prince said...

still laughing through tears :''')

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