Friday, January 21, 2011

Dina's Visit

On Monday, MLK Day, Jenny's friend since kindegarten came to visit. She's a 1st grade teacher now and expecting her first son in April. We had a great time together and I can hardly wait until she's enjoying motherhood.  Here's Dina & Jenny:

Jenny made homemade pasta:


Jenny said...

thanks for arranging the day mom! it had been way to long since i had seen Dina and it just felt right to see her in your home!

Brooke said...

i've been so curious about that pasta maker, how do you like it? We have the roller which is great for sheets and and long noodles (ie fettucine), but I've been skeptical of the extruder types.

Mario & Ely said...

That pasta looks great!!! ;)

Prince said...

how fun!! i miss dina and wish her well :)

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