Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flat Tire

On Sunday we were on our way to Ballard to return Wesley to his parents, when our Lexus' left rear tire blew on I-405 North. Luckily we have Triple A and we were right next to the exit for Bellevue's Lexus dealership. Our entire car with Cyril (guest visitor from France), Wesley, and I was lefted up onto the bed of AAA's flatbed tow truck and off we went.... Wesley enjoyed the ride from "up high" and liked it when the car was lowered back into Lexus' parking lot. Since it was Sunday, the Service Dept. was closed, but we went into the sales area and enjoyed looking at their aquarium of fish, the Children's play area, and the Lexus Cafe. Wesley wanted a cookie with a jam type heart in the center. When the employee went to lift it up with prongs it broke so he gave it to Wes for free. After a few minutes into eating his cookie, Wes yells out across the Café to the employee "You broke my heart!". It was so funny. They even have a huge outdoor roof patio with 4 raised bed putting greens, complete with balls and putters for customers. Joe and Cyril really enjoyed this. In the bottom photo you see that Wes got his foot stuck in one of the holes. I always like it when something bad (flat tire) turns into something good (fun time at Lexus waiting for Jenny to pick us up).

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Jenny said...

It definitely wasn't a part of the plan...but I think wes had fun.

Thanks for taking care of the boy, not sure how I felt about the tow truck ride though...

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